Modern slavery can often feel like a problem that is too overwhelming to be tackled. Dedicated and concerted efforts on the part of citizens and organizations is the only thing that will help make escape possible for people who are held as forced laborers in the U.S. and abroad. 

The Modern Slavery Research Project strives to make change possible and accessible. Community awareness and a robust response are needed to enforce human trafficking laws and make more victim services available.

The Modern Slavery Research Project is not just a call to action to state and local civil services, it is also an important reminder for local corporations and private citizens alike to understand the moral urgency of this issue and do their part to help expose and address these inhumane labor and sex crimes. A cultural shift in perceptions and assumptions about sex workers, immigration, and laborers is required if we are to respond compassionately and justly toward people who are vulnerable to exploitation.

Through research and training, the MSRP is trying to understand the reach of this crime in our community and to collaborate with citizens to ensure that we have a slavery-free city and world.

To date, the Modern Slavery Research Project has been funded through grants and donations.  No financial contribution is too small and every amount helps.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our research, outreach and education projects through Loyola University New Orleans, a 501(c)3 organization.

On the link below under "Donation Information" select "Other" from the drop-down menu. At "Designation" type in "Modern Slavery Research Project Fund."

You will receive a written confirmation from Loyola University New Orleans acknowledging your donation.